Case Study: Michael, Train4All

Michael McCauley Level 2 Maintenance apprenticeship @Train4All

I am currently completing a L2 Maintenance apprenticeship. This involves a variety of jobs from painting to minor plumbing repairs or brick work.

I am responsible for keeping the work area clean and tidy and reduce trip hazards to the customer.

I am given small projects to complete which are supervised and have overcome my fear of heights as I work on scaffold. I enjoy learning new skills and the variety of the role as it covers a bit of every trade.

I always wanted to get into the construction industry but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I started on the traineeship programme at Train4All from here I got to try out the different trades to see which I would enjoy most.

I decided that I enjoyed the variety rather than one specific trade. I felt the traineeship improved my confidence and self-belief that I could do well in the industry. I decided to start a maintenance apprenticeship working for a restorative maintenance company.

I love the variety of the role as one day I could be painting and the next doing some carpentry using specialist tools. My employer has said that I have really grown in confidence particularly with customers and have a positive attitude to work as I am always willing to try new things such as working on scaffold, using power tools, being hands-on.

I think I have benefited the business because I am always willing to take on new tasks/projects and learn new skills. I am positive and can be relied on to do the job correctly. I continue to improve and can be trusted to complete jobs on my own.

I have worked well into the company and although I am still an apprentice I’m treated just like the rest of the tradesmen I work with. I have become much more productive and therefore increasing the work rate and making the company more money.

With the money I have been earning I plan to get a van so that I can work independently once qualified but also so that I can get to more sites and make more money for both my employer and myself